Fast Cargo Logistics


Transportation Services

General Commodities Truckload

Our services are offered on a for-hire trip or dedicated basis for general commodities. You get exclusive use of our vehicle for your loads. Our trucking operations encompass the entire North American geography and capitalize on the existing terminal and agent network. Our agents are vital business partners and have complete access to our assets, processes, and enabling technology. Our agents provide national service scope with an intimate service level to their local customers.

Our network consists of over 50 company-managed terminal locations. Our assets include over 3,200 53’ trailers. We can provide you service regardless of your volume. When high volume demands, we can provide you with trailer pools and 24X7 service.

We support our operations with best-in-class technology, which provides centralized command and control with full accountability. We also share demand and resources between agents, optimizing usage in the holistic network, and allow the agents to track specific shipments throughout the delivery.

Flatbed & Specialized Transport

Fast Cargo Logistics specialized services are for-hire, dedicated truckload services that differ from normal truckload in that the commodities are specialized — normally oversized or over-weight. We provide rigging and specialized loading and unloading, regulatory compliance, accompaniment services, and any other support services required by either commodity constraints or by regulation.

We employ the latest technology-enabled processes, command and control of the specialized trucking operation, coupled with the highest standards in quality and service levels to provide you with a complete and dependable service.

Specialized Services

Fast Cargo Logistics Inc. Flatbed and Specialized Transportation services include:


Fast Cargo Logistics has one of the largest Flatbed fleets in the US, consisting of over 2,500 trailers ranging from 40’-53’ in length. Our Flatbed solutions provide equipment for moves that require an open platform — and we move commodities regardless of length or shape.

Heavy Haul

Our Heavy Haul operation offers unique solutions for loads that are high, wide, and heavy and require specific equipment to accommodate their size, special loading and rigging, or receiving requirements. Our fleet includes: Multi-Axle Trailers, Step-Decks, Double Drops, Extendable, Conestoga, and Pole Trailers.


Our specialized Oilfield Operation serves all the transportation demands of the Oil and Natural Gas industries. We deliver rigs and components to well sites, pipes to pipe yards, and replenishment commodities to warehouses. Our fleet includes: specialized and multi-axle trailers, flatbeds, vans, hotshots, and winch trucks.

Drive Away

Fast Cargo Logistics provides competent and qualified drivers to move manufactured end-item equipment to its final destination. These may include ambulances, fire engines, and sweepers. We also provide only power units to pull customer-owned trailers.

Fast Cargo Logistics Inc. is your full-service transportation provider; we serve you with an extensive fleet of dry van and specialized equipment and with comprehensive North American geographic coverage.

We provide total and complete trucking operations by integrating our existing trucking capabilities with our agent network, adding a common infrastructure and ways-of-working, and supplementing existing trucking with additional services to complete the service offerings.

We manage and operate some of the largest fleets in North America. We provide a complete range of lift capacity assets, expertise to fulfill virtually any transportation need, and the service orientation to ensure your success. Our Transportation solutions can dramatically improve your delivery quality and reduce your costs!