Fast Cargo Logistics

Industry Solutions

We are partnered with a diverse set of industries where we provide a unique and custom array of service offerings while meeting cost, security, efficiency and other specialized needs.


We are the Automotive Industry’s Logistics Experts! We have our roots in the automotive industry. Our expert and dedicated employees are responsible for designing and managing some of the highest volume and highest velocity logistics operations and facilities. We provide operational excellence and we continuously-improve our world-class processes and tools. We provide complete line-side delivery services including: sequencing, kitting, sub-assembly, repacking and returnable container management/reverse logistics. We provide the industry’s highest-volume and highest-velocity cross docking and consolidation services. We support these services with complete order fulfillment, warehousing and dedicated transportation (just-in-time/shuttles/milk runs). We provide full-service transportation, including: domestic truckload (local same-day expedite/team expedite), intermodal and drayage, container yard management, international transportation and export consolidation and freight forwarding.


We deliver world-class logistics services to the Aerospace industry. Our error-proof processes and commitment to quality fulfill the exacting requirements, precise tolerances, and execution perfection that is imperative within this sector. We develop customized solutions for critical supply chains including Aircraft Manufacturing, Aircraft on Ground support, and Routine Service Maintenance support. We provide logistics services including line-side delivery, kitting, sequencing, reverse logistics, cross-docking and repacking. We also provide just-in-time inventory and transportation services, transportation shuttling, drayage and international transportation.


We are uniquely-qualified to provide services to the uncommon needs of the Energy Industry. We are experts at delivering specialized transportation and logistics services to all segments of this industry — from supporting drilling operations and pipe inventory yards to delivery of excessively-sized wind turbine components. We have the unique lift capacity and equipment, and the rigging and regulatory expertise to actualize complete energy-driven supply chain solutions. We provide: trucking to well sites and inventory replenishment's; dedicated equipment to support production facilities for oil and gas companies; pipe delivery, storage and inspection; tow-able trucks for pipeline construction projects; forklift support; oversize transportation, rigging, accompaniment and regulatory compliance services; international transportation, drayage and container yard services; and hazmat chemical hauling.

Government Services

We support our government and military through our Government and Emergency Services Division. Our network of agents work together with our company offices, logistics centers, cross-docks, and extensive dry van and specialized fleets to deliver the most cost-effective solutions. We support troop and readiness deployments, emergency disaster assistance, and standard service requirements. We provide the planning, procurement, on-site project management, and essential information technology. We provide a single-source solution and deliver results for complex projects and missions. We provide full-service trucking, including all forms of specialized transportation (with rigging, accompaniment, and compliance), dry van, and intermodal and drayage.

Steel & Metals

We have one of the largest flatbed fleets in North America — and with the greatest geographic coverage. The metals industry depends upon our capacity and expertise to move its product. We deliver their material on time, all the time. Our equipment includes: standard flatbeds, single- and double-drops, and multi-axle heavy haul trailers. We provide a unique multi-modal flatbed container which enables an economic long-distance delivery alternative. We provide: warehousing and consolidation services, full-service transportation, drayage, flatbed and domestic container intermodal services.

Retail & Consumer Goods

We have developed the same high volume, high velocity services for Retail that we have for manufacturing industries. We understand the logistics demands of the retail and consumer goods industry. With our services, our customers significantly improve their speed-to-market and reduce their costs. Our services include: high-volume and velocity cross-docking and transloading; warehousing and fulfillment. We provide full-service transportation, including: domestic truckload; local and long distance expedite and team expedite services; intermodal, drayage, container yard services; and international transportation. We are a proud member of the Retail Industry Leaders Association (RILA).


We have forged relationships with leading manufacturers of heavy equipment, engines, industrial components, and building products. We customize solutions and equipment to the logistics challenges that our industrial customers face. Our people, processes, and tools facilitate our industrial customers’ eliminating waste, reducing costs, and implementing world-class LEAN manufacturing. We support the inbound supply chain from their suppliers to the assembly line and delivery of their finished product to the end user. We provide line side delivery services — sequencing, kitting, sub-assembly, and returnable container management. We provide material handling services — warehousing; order fulfillment; cross docking; and shipping container construction, packing, and shipping. We support these services with complete dedicated transportation — just-in-time, shuttles, and milk runs. We provide full-service transportation services, including: domestic truckload (local same-day expedite, team expedite), flatbed and container intermodal and drayage, container yard services, and international transportation.


We understand the precise logistical needs of the healthcare industry. Our quality and compliance systems allow our customers to meet, and exceed, the industry’s rigorous up time requirements. Whether it’s managing the inventory for the medical device manufacturer or delivering time-sensitive medical products, we have the correct solution. Our services include inventory management and order fulfillment and full-service transportation services: full truckload, local expedite, long-distance team service expedite, switching services, drayage and container yard services, global transportation (air/charter/ocean), and trailer storage and trade show services.